Tuesday, September 06, 2005

She is SO the boss

Here is a picture of Diva sitting on the scarfs I finished over the weekend. I have to hide them or she drags them all over the house. The yarn is Blue Heron beaded rayon. This stuff drapes beautifully and has a wonderful hand to it. I can't wait for it to cool down so I can actually wear one! The patterns are from Iris Schrier (hope I spelled that right.) I just got her new book, Modular Knits, and it has some great patterns in it. I might need some more yarn!


Anonymous Debi Davis said...

Beautiful job on both scarves! Hurrah for you!!! I'm still trying to get the zig-zag on the needles correctly, but end up frogging it every night. The yarn you used looks lovely! Great job. Debi in Las Vegas

1:21 PM  
Anonymous lee Gardner said...

Oh Ambar you are so talented, I love the pictures and the kitties too, thanks

3:14 PM  

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